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What Does Easy Running Do For Me?

I know many of us train and wonder when we go on our aerobic run/our easy run, whats the point?.  It’s slow and I feel good so should I run faster if I want to be faster? Right. The temptation is always there and it only takes one runner in the group to slowly pick up the pace, then the next runner etc.  Next thing you know everyone is getting in race mode and the run gets close to threshold pace. Is that good or bad? Well it depends on what the purpose of the workout is.

If it’s an AEROBIC day or we describe it as “conversational run” then it should feel good and relaxing. Whats the purpose or how will this make me faster? Well I always use the analogy of UPS.

When we run easy/conversational you are allowing yourself to build the delivery system. Imagine UPS setting up a new distribution center where they will take and deliver packages.  The place can’t be too busy with customers yet because your still building the infrastructure of conveyor belts, trucks, customer service area, training of employees on how to accept packages coming in to the center and going out etc. Can’t be in a rush if your going to build it correctly!

Here is a great video that explains why we have those easy days from Dr. Daniels:

Coach Belo

Coach Belo is a USA Track & Field Level 3 and IAAF Level 5 Certified Coach for Endurance and Jump Events. Graduate work is in Exercise Science from Humboldt State University and currently is the Head Cross Country Coach at Mission Viejo High School and Director of GrassRoots Athletics.

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