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First Things First

This is what I think about training and is my road-map when designing a training plan and motivation of doing what I love to do; coach.  It starts from the inside and the feeling of contributing to an accomplishment of another is just awesome.  It’s the greatest feeling when you see the look on someones face as they just realized they are capable of doing something they did not think they could do. Confidence is the greatest gift you could ever give anyone and you typically pay it forward!

I have a few rules that I have and it’s an attitude or mindset that I try to instill with the athletes and personally follow. This is the YOU, the center that moves everything forward.

  • pyramidAlways do your best.
  • There are two things you can control; attitude and effort.
  • Confidence over comfort.

As an athlete you will holistically absorb the various workouts, foods and thoughts that can either build or break you in your training.  It is how you apply each of these areas to continually improve your performance as each area of training effects the other.

Get the basic understanding of how these three areas relate to you and your training:

Coach Belo

Coach Belo is a USA Track & Field Level 3 and IAAF Level 5 Certified Coach for Endurance and Jump Events. Graduate work is in Exercise Science from Humboldt State University and currently is the Head Cross Country Coach at Mission Viejo High School and Director of GrassRoots Athletics.

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