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Are Rest Days Bad?

Do you ever feel guilty if you take a rest day? Or are afraid that you’ll get out of shape because you missed a day of training?  These are common thoughts that many athletes have especially when they have been putting in the time training.  Sometimes you have to take a rest day.  Maybe your body is telling you OR making you take the rest.  Fear not as your fitness will not vanish instantly; fitness will not disappear before your eyes.

Always remember that one day of training will never make you, but can break you.  Here’s another great video from Dr. Daniels that explains rest day:


Coach Belo

Coach Belo is a USA Track & Field Level 3 and IAAF Level 5 Certified Coach for Endurance and Jump Events. Graduate work is in Exercise Science from Humboldt State University and currently is the Head Cross Country Coach at Mission Viejo High School and Director of GrassRoots Athletics.

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