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What Are Vo2 MAX Intervals?

Vo2 Max training or some may call interval training is when you will challenge yourself for 3-5 minutes at a pace that will put your heart rate to 97%-100%.  This will help develop and maximize your aerobic power which means how much blood can your heart pump to the working muscles and how much of that oxygen that you deliver be converted from fuel to energy.

Think for a moment about what easy running develops and how that may affect aerobic power. It would be like UPS at the holidays challenged to perform at a high rate. That’s racing!

You need to understand that 97%-100% heart rate doesn’t have to mean all out at 100%.  There is a crucial difference in the intensity that you train at.  You want to run at an optimal intensity and maximize your return on investment; the time spent at Vo2 max.

Check out this video to help connect the dots:

Coach Belo

Coach Belo is a USA Track & Field Level 3 and IAAF Level 5 Certified Coach for Endurance and Jump Events. Graduate work is in Exercise Science from Humboldt State University and currently is the Head Cross Country Coach at Mission Viejo High School and Director of GrassRoots Athletics.

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